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Quorum Sensing: Screenings & Talk 群體感應 - 放映及講座

Quorum Sensing: Screenings & Talk群體感應 - 放映及講座


The European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao, in partnership with Eaton Hong Kong, Visual AIDS, and Videotage, presents “Quorum Sensing” on World AIDS Day. Taking AIDS as a point of departure, the programme title suggests a dual meaning. First, the programme aims to promote care and support for people living with AIDS, as well as reducing the stigma and discrimination which often surround the disease. Second, it explores isolation and distress faced by AIDS patients physically and mentally through video works by local and international artists. We encourage the public to look at AIDS-related issues and discourse from multicultural perspectives.

歐盟駐港澳辦事處、逸東酒店、視覺愛滋(Visual AIDS)與錄映太奇將於今年12月1日世界愛滋日聯合策劃及舉辦「群體感應」。「群體感應」有雙重意義:一是以愛滋病為起點,去喚起大眾的同理心,表達對愛滋病患者的愛與支持,消除對疾病的恐懼,抵制當中的歧視與污名化;二是透過本地以及國際藝術家的錄像作品,以放映及講座去探討愛滋病患者從生理到精神狀態所面臨的孤立、束縛與困擾。是次活動鼓勵大眾採取多元視角去審視有關愛滋病毒的議題和討論。

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Quorum Sensing – Screenings & Talk
Date: 1/12/2022 (Thur)
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Venue: 1/F Kino | Eaton Hong Kong
380 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Visual AIDS Day With(out) Art 2022: Being & Belonging

We are proud to partner with Visual AIDS for Day With(out) Art 2022 by presenting Being & Belonging, a program of seven short videos highlighting under-told stories of HIV and AIDS from the perspective of artists living with HIV across the world.

Artists & Artworks:
Camila Arce (Argentina) – Memoria Vertical 
Davina “Dee” Conner and Karin Hayes (USA) – Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV 
Jaewon Kim (South Korea) – Nuance 
Clifford Prince King (USA) – Kiss of Life 
Santiago Lemus and Camilo Acosta Huntertexas (Colombia) – Los Amarillos 
Mikiki (Canada) – Red Flags, a Love Letter 
Jhoel Zempoalteca and La Jerry (México) – Lxs dxs bichudas 

From navigating sex and intimacy to confronting stigma and isolation, Being & Belonging centers the emotional realities of living with HIV today. How does living with HIV shift the ways that a person experiences, asks for, or provides love, support, and belonging? The seven videos are a call for belonging from those that have been stigmatized within their communities or left out of mainstream HIV/AIDS narratives.


Videotage uses a “catalyst” to respond to AIDS-related issues and conversations in the hope of expanding the public imagination and building a diverse and inclusive society. The screening features video works by four Chinese artists :

LIANG Yue – People Talking AIDS
Ellen PAU – Love in the Time of Cholera
HE Xiaopei – The Lucky One

Anson MAK – Music Video III: Ding Tong (Aids Virus)

Artists depict the possibility of understanding disease with moving images through which they address private emotions from a personal perspective while examining helplessness entangled with loss in reality. Establishing an effective dialogue with the surrounding world, they are effacing boundaries and distances arising from disease.

Post-screening Talk


LEE Wing Ki, Kalen | Artist-researcher, curator and educator
Shawn Griffin | Director of Arts & Culture of Gay Games HK

Moderator: Thomas Gnocchi | Head of the European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao

Language: English

群體感應 – 放映及講座

日期:1/12/2022 (四)
時間:6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
地點:佐敦彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店1/F Kino



Camila Arce (阿根廷) – Memoria Vertical
Davina “Dee” Conner and Karin Hayes (美國) – Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV
Jaewon Kim (南韓) – Nuance
Clifford Prince King (美國) – Kiss of Life
Santiago Lemus and Camilo Acosta Huntertexas (哥倫比亞) – Los Amarillos
Mikiki (加拿大) – Red Flags, a Love Letter
Jhoel Zempoalteca and La Jerry (墨西哥) – Lxs dxs bichudas




麥海珊《音樂錄像III: 叮噹您之看見病毒看見您》



李泳麒 | 藝術家、研究員、策展人與教育家
Shawn Griffin | 2023同樂運動會文化與藝術總監

主持:高宇馳 | 歐盟駐港澳辦事處主任