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The Waiting Room – Nothing Happens 等候間 — 無事
The Waiting Room – Nothing Happens 等候間 — 無事

The Waiting Room – Nothing Happens等候間 — 無事

Single-channel Video
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The Waiting Room 等候間」顧名思義,是為人們提供等候的空間而設的, 「等候」是一種在生活中的特定狀態,看似沒有事在發生, 但卻讓人處於無聊、期待甚至焦急的情緒之中。 作品營造這種狀態, 並透過影像, 探索「等待中」 (Waiting) 的一些可能性。拍攝過程皆為偶發,沒有事先排,作者拿著攝影機遊走街上,觀察有關等待的事件,然後把攝影機定置在某一角度,對焦點同為定焦與淺景深,在不動攝影機的前提下,在鏡頭後面等待偶發的事件發生,有時落空,有時卻會發生意想不到的「偶遇」。等待中的無奈、無聊與空白無所遁形,生活中人們習以為常的瞬間,就像電影情節般的被放大,等待的本質,就在影像與音樂的操控中流露最真實卻又無比荒誕的情感世界。

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Born in Macau in 1978, Alice Kok left to France in 1998. She has graduated with the National Master Degree of Fine Arts (DNSEP) in Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse in France in 2004. After her graduation she has lived and worked in Paris where she has obtained “La Bourse Individuelle à la Creation” granted by La DRAC Ile-deFrance and has created the video work “Karabic OK” (2006). After travelling in India and Tibet in 2007 where she has finished the project “Yet in Exile – Family Script”, the film was selected in the “Ten Finalists for Asian Award” at the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award in 2009. The film was screened at the Cultural Centre of Hong Kong. “Family Script” was then selected in the Gwangju Biennale in Korea in 2010. In 2011, her work “Passing Green Island” has been selected to represent the Macau Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale of Art in Italy.

Her works are based on the idea of Multiculturalism at the post-colonial époque. In recent years, after her travel in India and Tibet, she started to incorporate Buddhist Philosophy and meditation practices into her artistic expressions. She uses media such as video, photography, writings, drawings and installations.

Living between Macau and Tibet (Lhasa) since more than 10 years, she has worked as the editor of the bilingual (English & Chinese) magazine Macau CLOSER, visiting professor at the University of Science and Technology, University of St. Joseph and the Institute of Tourism in Macau. Working as an artist and filmmaker, she is also a curator, art teacher and writer. Since 2014, she has been elected as the President of the artists association Macau Art For All Society. She is currently working as the Executive Director of The Script Road – Macau Literary Festival since 2019. In 2020, she is invited to be one of the curators at the ARTFEM, International Women Biennial of Art of Macau SAR.


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