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Rhythmus 99
Rhythmus 99
Rhythmus 99

Rhythmus 99

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Rhythmus 99 is a digital animation made from still photographs of cityscapes snapped during visits to Hong Kong and Manhattan in 1998. The work takes its title from the Hans Richter’s film of 1921 from which this video has been inspired. Both works have a simple purpose, and that is to foreground “movement” as primary structuring element of images. As the movement in this work is applied to image via digital means, the computer is used to make a re,deconstruction of original photographs in order to imbue them with a new expressivity.

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Sam LANDELS is an Audio/Visual artist, and was selected to represent Australia in the Melbourne International Film Festival. Rhythmus 99, a videotape Sam made, was included in a program called “Citadel – film and video exploring the city limits”.


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