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Mr. and Mrs. Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Chan

Mr. and Mrs. Chan

Single-channel Video
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A video the artist tributes to her parents, about her parents. The video includes images of their flat, belongings of her parents, their feet, and their wedding photo. Voices of her father asking her why she needs to film them makes it apparent that they know little about their daughter. And the mother keeps talking about money and asking the artist to repay them.

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Cindy, Chan Hin Sin was born in 1987, Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, while participated in an exchange programme in the Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh, the United States, in 2009. Chan works with diverse media ranging from painting, photography, video to installation. She had her solo exhibition 200000kb Ticky Tacky at Artist Commune, Hong Kong, in 2011. She was awarded Artist Commune New Trend Award in 2010 and Cliftons ArtsPrize in 2008. Her artworks are collected by Cliftons and private collectors.

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