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In Memory of … Sun Yu 紀念冊 … 孫瑜
In Memory of … Sun Yu 紀念冊 … 孫瑜
In Memory of … Sun Yu 紀念冊 … 孫瑜
In Memory of … Sun Yu 紀念冊 … 孫瑜

In Memory of … Sun Yu紀念冊 … 孫瑜

Single-channel Video
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This is included in a VHS collection of films and videos by Danny Yung, entitled Question,Problem (1977-1996). Produced by Videotage in late 1990s. (The work was produced in 1988, though marked ‘1983’ in the video’s title page.)

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Danny Yung is a founding member and co-artistic director of Zuni Icosahedron, a highly esteemed experimental theater in Hong Kong. Over the past 40 years, after having graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in architecture and from Columbia University in urban design, Yung has been deeply involved in diverse artistic fields, including theatre, cartoon, film, video, and visual and installation art.
Yung is the recipient of the following prizes and awards: the Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2015 for Artist of the Year (Drama); The Fukuoka Prize – Arts and Culture Prize (2014); The Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in recognition of Yung’s contributions towards the arts and the cultural exchange between Germany and Hong Kong (2009); The Music Theatre NOW Award presented by the UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute for his theater work “Tears of Barren Hill”.

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