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I Let Her Had My Head
I Let Her Had My Head

I Let Her Had My Head

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Five years later, Alice re-appeared in China and Europe, her puzzled heart was transplanted to her creator in the work IdoLetHerMyHeadHave. Expanding geographically from Hong Kong, the Mainland and Taiwan to the Parisian Seine, the protagonist, Siu Han, traveled with her broken conversations and monologues throughout the film. Incomplete yet stands on their own, these broken stories and ideas exemplified the creator’s personal experience of lost and predicament.

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Rita Hui graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art of taking a Diploma course in Film & TV in 1994. In 1996, she finished the study of Advance Diploma in Film & TV (Major in Editing) and Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Department of Film & TV in the Academy. She is a young talented director. Her work Ah Ming gained wide attention and won the Distinguished Award of the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Award in 1996. In 1998 her work She makes me wanna to die and Invisible City (Wall) all won the Sliver Award in drama category and other category in the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Award. Also, her work Alice in the Wonderland was shown in Hong Kong Arts Center at programme Independent Yours. In 2001, she first time try to work on theater, Tango of Water Sleeves and Beautiful Project and her video work Chionanthus Retusus. And her first set up video installation XX have been showing in Macau Old Ladies House of “Wo…man” Feminine Art. 2004, she finished her new work IdoLetHerMyHeadHave. In 2005 and 2006, she produced her Red Ridding Hood and RED. The later one is her RMIT’s master program final project. In 2007, she has established and lunched Rabbit Travelogue. In 2008, she finished her first featured film with ADC funding, Dead Slowly and it was shown in PIFF 2009’s New Current section and HKAIFF. In 2013, her second feature film Keening Woman was Official selected of A Window of Asia in Busan International Film Festival.


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