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Formosa 福爾摩沙
Formosa 福爾摩沙


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Formosa, from Portuguese, means “beautiful island”.

In 16th century, the Portuguese watermen discovered Taiwan, and they shocked by this amazing land, afterward, Taiwan is also known as Formosa. Taiwan had lasted a 40-year long White Terror since 1940’s, millions of Taiwanese died because of political conflict. But today, Taiwanese are the only Chinese enjoying the Democratic elections. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Government prohibited their citizens calling Taiwan as “Formosa”.

The video started from a familiar place in Hong Kong which looks unfamiliar, everything is strange. I questioned, where is our beautiful island? Is Hong Kong that harmony and peaceful for local people? Who are we?

Formosa documented the places that a couple roamed in 7 days. They went over the experience, and have a serious conversation – Can we eventually arrive somewhere that we desired to go? They cannot find their identity in the relationship, like ordinary Hong Kong people lost their identity in the city.

Please be concentrated while watching this silent video. What can we observed in long takes and static shots and what spaces have been mentioned in it? It is 7 nights, or 7 hours or just 19 minutes?

We are waiting silently for our Formosa.

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Keith is a media artist now studying in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. He is interesting in videos, writing and cultural studies. His works mainly focused on value, relationship and identity. He believes in God, Justice and Dignity.

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