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Black Moves 黑動
Black Moves 黑動
Black Moves 黑動

Black Moves黑動

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BLACK MOVES is a spatial drama and a virtual landscape that simulates the forming and de-forming of an amorphous black mass, an evocative sensorial unfolding that traverses between the boundaries of the physical and the psychological as experienced inside a dark space. BLACK MOVES springs from artist’s long obsession and fascination with natural transformations, particularly formless shapes and their movement. The transformative power of natural substances such as water, rock, air and clouds produce infinite varying forms that seem both ordered and random at the same time. These magical transformations continuously disorient and fascinate the senses, creating a rich perceptual journey that is chartered for a mysterious unknown cosmic. This unknown cosmic can be seen as a representation of an external world as well as a mirror of the psyche from within, where the immanent and the transcendent are fused as one via the ever-changing visuality.

《黑動》是一個空間劇場,亦是一道虛擬風景,模擬著沒有特定形態的黑色物質,不斷組成與分解。透過體驗純粹的漆黑空間,在感官上拓展觀者的想像,跨過物理與心理之間的界限。《黑動》的概念,源自藝術家對自然界各種變化的著迷,尤其是那些萬變的形態與其活動軌跡。這些自然物質不斷轉變的力量,諸如水、岩石、空氣和雲,製造了無盡、不斷變化的形態,同時呈現著有序和無序的特質。這些令人目眩神迷的轉變,持續地迷惑與迷倒我們的感官,創造了一場向著神秘未知宇宙開展的連綿旅程。這個未知的宇宙,可看作是一個反映著內在心理變化的外在世界,透過不斷變化的視覺,超然物內與物外,將兩者融為一體 。

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