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LIN Guan-Ming林冠名

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1981年生於臺灣臺北,畢業於國立臺北藝術大學科技藝術研究所碩士班。長期投入影像創作,並視影像 為觀看「時間」的想像和思考,企圖從影像生產過度的現下,來重拾影像可能的剩餘「記憶」。作品自 2004年「媒體痙攣(Co4臺灣前衛文件展)」展覽後,便開始在國內重要聯展嶄露頭角,並曾在北京、 上海、香港、巴黎、福岡、美國等地展出。2008年在臺北當代藝術館舉辦個展「靜默突襲」,同年並榮 獲「臺北美術獎」。其作品曾受國立臺灣美術館典藏。

Born in Taipei Taiwan in 1981, Lin graduated with a M.F.A. from the Graduate InsWtute of Arts and Technology, Taipei NaWonal University of the Arts. Lin has been dedicated to video art and regards video as the imaginaWon and contemplaWon of “Wme” observaWon. AbempWng to recollect the possible remaining “memory” of videos from the current age where videos are produced in excess. Ader his showing at the 2004 Media Cramp, Co4 Taiwan Avant-garde DocumentaII, he has since then exhibited at many local and internaWonal exhibiWons, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Fukuoka, and U.S.A. In 2008, he presented his solo exhibiWon Silence A;acks at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and also received the Taipei Arts Award in the same year. His art is collected by NaWonal Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.