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WIKITOPIA! Data Gaga 維基托邦!塑據格格

WIKITOPIA! Data Gaga維基托邦!塑據格格

Artist Talk
01/09/2012 - 31/01/2013

Data Gaga is a series of distributed events that focuses on data as art, network technology and collaborative creativity. Detoured from the common exhibition practice of showcasing individual works,Data Gaga is a distributed realisation of concepts.

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Participating projects:

Soundtracking John Cage 4’33” facilitated by Steve Hui (Nerve) is a remake of John Cage’s 4’33” by 10 Hong Kong artists, designers, musicians and filmmakers.

Botanicalls (HK version) is an example of ‘the Internet of Things’, which plants talk via Twitter. The original project idea is from Kate Hartman, Rob Faludi and Kati London,

unCloud opens up knowledge sharing and social sites that may otherwise not be reachable on the Internet. It is a project by Rui Guerra and David Jonas,

Emergence composes of an array of interconnected and self-organising modules that mimics the emergent behaviour of dynamic, complex systems in nature. It is a project by Miu Ling Lam.

Data Gaga is part of Wikitopia, a biennial for network culture, initiated in 2010 by Videotage, a non-profit video and media art organisation.

Participating Artists:

Rui Guerra
Steve Hui (Nerve)
Miu Ling Lam
Keith Lam
Michelle Ngai
Henry Chu
Marco de Mutiis
Otto Li
Aenon Loo
mr clement
Eunice Martins
Ellen Pau
Jessey Tsang
Chiyung Wong
Dennis Wong
Yuen Chi-chung
Paul Yip