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Why An Archive? 為什麼要成立檔案館?

Why An Archive?為什麼要成立檔案館?

02/11/2020 - 30/11/2020

Although the traditional institution of the archive continues to exist, new hybrid forms of archives have emerged that function both within and beyond the digital realm, building community, often outside of official state institutional structures. Three of the most influential independently founded and run archive initiatives in the field of art from Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong, Videotage, Asia Art Archive, and Video Bureau, have for many years contributed to shaping the cultural landscape in their regions by pursuing long-term community engagement while at the same time generating far-reaching networks of knowledge production and exchange.

In November, the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in collaboration with Times Art Center Berlin will present a selection of time-based works in the virtual cinema arsenal 3. The selected works will offer insights into the art movements of Asia to which the initiatives have been committed. Conversations with the people behind the archives on the presented works, their respective institutional foci, their history, and their view of the future will be published on the Archive außer sich website. This four-year project is a series of interdisciplinary research, presentation, and exhibition projects dealing with film cultural heritage and its archives.

Why an archive? is curated by Ariane Beyn in collaboration with Videotage, Asia Art Archive, Video Bureau, and is part of a public program for the exhibition Readings From Below at Times Art Center Berlin (until December 12, 2020).

With works by: aaajiao, Choi Yan-chi / Yau Ching / Leung Ping-Kwan, Ray Langenbach / Josef Ng, Lei Lei, Anson Mak, Ellen Pau, Shen Xin, Samson Young, Danny Yung, Zhang Peili

儘管傳統形式的檔案機構依然存在,具有新型混合形式的檔案館已然出現——它們在數字領域內外都發揮著作用,往往在國家官方體制結構之外建立社區團體。多年來,來自廣州、北京和香港的三家在藝術領域最具影響力、自主運營的獨立檔案館——錄映太奇(Videotage)、亞洲藝術檔案館(Asia Art Archive)和錄像局(Video Bureau)致力於長期參與社區活動,建立廣闊的知識產品和交流的網絡平台,為各自區域的文化景觀做出了貢獻。

2020年11月,阿森納電影與影像藝術學院與時代藝術中心(柏林)合作,在線上影院“阿森納3”(arsenal 3)展示一系列以時間為主題的作品。所選擇的影視作品有助於觀眾更好地了解和洞悉亞洲藝術運動,這也是運動發起者們所致力於達到的目標。於此同時,與這些檔案館的幕後工作人員圍繞所呈現的作品、他們各自機構的工作中心、歷史以及對未來的看法所進行的談話也以錄像的形式在“檔案自身之外”(Archive außer sich)網站上發表。這個為期四年的項目是與電影文化遺產和它們的檔案相關的一系列跨學科研究、表演和展覽活動。


參展藝術家:徐文愷(aaajiao)、蔡仞姿、梁秉鈞、瑞·朗根巴赫(Ray Langenbach)/吳承祖(Josef Ng)、雷磊、麥海珊(Anson Mak)、鮑藹倫(Ellen Pau)、沈莘、楊嘉輝(Samson Young)、榮念曾(Danny Yung)、張培力。

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Monday Nov 02–Monday
Nov 30, 2020