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Hallucinatory Hereafter@M+ Mediatheque 隨後·幻象@M+多媒體中心

Hallucinatory [email protected]+ Mediatheque隨後·幻象@M+多媒體中心

Screening showcase
26/04/2022 - 31/08/2022

Hallucinatory Hereafter, a guest programme by Videotage, comprises works from its Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC), and features works by artists active in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan after the 1980s—a time of historical rupture and sociopolitical tension. The selection explores the metaphoric and hallucinatory nature of video art through its cinematography, narratives, and techniques.

Each work represents a fragmented, cyberpunkish, futuristic, and imaginative reality. Angela Su’s The Afterlife of Rosy Leavers and Linda Lai’s Voices Seen, Images Heard shatter our conventional linear perception; Comyn Mo’s Can Fish See the Same Face Twice and Nose Chan’s Aftermath highlight the absurdity of our daily encounters; and the essay film One-way Street on a Turntable by Anson Mak provides an alternative narrative to the often-told stories of Hong Kong. The works in this programme resist rational readings and celebrate the essential features of moving image.


節目中的作品呈現出一種支離破碎、瀰漫着科幻感和未來風,及富於想像的現實。徐世琪的《Rosy Leavers的前世今生》和黎肖嫻的《看得見的聲音,聽得見的形象》打破我們平常對事物的線性理解;毛文羽的《無魚面見能相同》和陳序慶的《迴光(軀體悼念)》點出我們日常中的荒謬;麥海珊的散文電影《唱盤上的單行道》為老生常談的香港故事賦予不一樣的論述。它們不僅顛覆我們對現實的理解,亦彰顯出流動影像的本質。