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CFCCA X Videotage Hong Kong Artist Residency 2019 - Bahar Noorizadeh: Open Studio + Artist Lecture 錄映太奇X英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心藝術家駐留計劃 2019 - Bahar Noorizadeh:開放式工作室 + 藝術家講座

CFCCA X Videotage Hong Kong Artist Residency 2019 - Bahar Noorizadeh: Open Studio + Artist Lecture錄映太奇X英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心藝術家駐留計劃 2019 - Bahar Noorizadeh:開放式工作室 + 藝術家講座

Artist Residency
23/08/2019 - 29/08/2019

Bahar Noorizadeh is the artist-in-residence under CFCCA X Videotage Hong Kong Artist Residency 2019. Co-organised by Videotage and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), the residency programme aims to encourage the cultural exchange between Hong Kong’s and Manchester’s artists and audiences on moving images and new media art.

The open studio for Bahar Noorizadeh, showcasing the development of her research project around the intersections of finance, technology and urban politics in the context of Hong Kong, will take place from 23 to 29 August 2019 at our Venue Sponsor Po Leung Kuk’s artist residence space V54. The project would explore the intertwined history of financialization and plans for a networked mega-city in the Pearl River Delta. In addition, Bahar will present an artist lecture connecting this research to the Disurbanist proposals for a new distributed city in the Soviet Union (1929-1930) with discursive and visual materials gathered and produced in Hong Kong.

Research Project

As the second phase of a long-term research project around the material genealogies of network architectures, Bahar’s research revolves around the overlooked history of the Soviet Avant-Garde school of architecture called Disurbanism. Developed by Mikhail Okhitovich and Moisei Ginzburg, Disurbanism set to eliminate urban agglomeration in central cities and proposed the city’s elimination in favor of a distributed network across the Soviet land. During Bahar’s residency in Hong Kong, she aims to collect video materials from Hong Kong’s urban landscape and to animate this accumulated body of research into a video work. Hong Kong’s rapid urbanization in the past thirty years and evolution into one of the world’s most congested finance and trade hubs permit this exploration to take place in a concrete setting.

Bahar Noorizadeh

Bahar Noorizadeh is an artist, writer and filmmaker. She works on the reformulation of hegemonic time narratives as they collapse in the face of speculation: philosophical, financial, legal, futural, etc. Her work has appeared in the Tate Modern Artists’ Cinema Program; Berlinale Forum Expanded; Biennale of Moving Images, Geneva; Toronto International Film Festival; Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art; Beirut Art Center, and Mercer Union, Toronto; among others. Noorizadeh is a founding member of BLOCC (Building Leverage over Creative Capitalism), a research and education platform that proposes pedagogy as strategy, to alter the relationship between Contemporary Art and gentrification. Her current research examines the intersections of finance, Contemporary Art and emerging technology, building on the notion of “Weird Economies” to precipitate a cross-disciplinary approach to economic futurism and post-financialization imaginaries. She is pursuing this work as a PhD candidate in Art Practice+Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Bahar Noorizadeh 是錄映太奇X英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心藝術家駐留計劃 2019 的駐留藝術家。此駐留計劃由錄映太奇英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心合辦,旨在增進兩地的文化交流和合作,專注於流動影像與新媒體藝術創作,為藝術家提供實踐創作和展出的平台。

Bahar Noorizadeh 的開放式工作室將於2019年8月23至29日期間,在場地贊助保良局年青藝術家駐留空間V54舉行,展出其從香港脈絡對經濟、科技以及城市政治的交匯進行研究的過程。研究計劃將探索珠江三角洲金融化與巨型都市計劃互相交纏的歷史。此外,Bahar 亦會帶來一個藝術家講座,將研究與於前蘇聯時期提出的反城市主義(Disurbanism)連結,屆時將一併展出在香港所收集及製作的文本資料與視像素材。


Bahar展開了網絡結構的物質譜系長期研究計劃的第二階段,研究主要圍繞鮮為人注意的蘇聯先鋒派建築流派——反城市主義。反城市主義是城市學家Mikhail Okhitovich和 Moisei Ginzburg 建立的論述,指針對中心城市消除都市聚集群,以及提倡通過消除城市在蘇聯建立分散式網絡。在Bahar 駐留香港的期間,她致力收集關於香港城市景觀的影像素材,並將其研究成果轉化成動畫影像作品。香港在過去三十年經歷急速都市化,並演變成全世界最繁忙的金融交易中心,是此次探索的合適地點。

Bahar Noorizadeh

Bahar Noorizadeh為一位藝術家、作家和影像創作者,其作品曾於Tate Modern、柏林國際影展論壇延展單元、日內瓦動態影像雙年展、多倫多國際電影節及巴塞隆拿當代藝術博物館等多地展出。她同時是Building Leverage over Creative Capitalism(BLOCC)的創始人,致力研究並推動以教育學為策略,藉此改變當代藝術與仕紳化(Gentrification)之間的關係。 Noorizadeh現為倫敦大學金匠學院藝術實踐與理論的博士生,目前正探究金融、當代藝術和新興技術之間的連結: 以「不可思議的經濟學」為題,透過一個跨學科的方法看待經濟未來主義和後金融化時期的想像。

event details /

CFCCA X Videotage Hong Kong Artist Residency 2019 – Bahar Noorizadeh
Residency Period: 15 July – 30 August 2019

Open Studio: 23 – 29 August 2019 | 11AM – 7PM
Opening Reception: 23 August | 7PM
*Artist Lecture: 23 August | 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Venue: Multi Function Room, G/F, V54 (54 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)
Presenter: Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Videotage
Venue Sponsor: V54

錄映太奇X英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心藝術家駐留計劃 2019 – Bahar Noorizadeh
駐留日期: 2019年7月15至8月30日

開放式工作室: 2019年8月23至8月29日 | 11AM – 7PM
開幕: 8月23日 | 7PM
*藝術家講座: 8月23日 | 7:30PM – 8:30 PM
地點: V54 地下多用途室(香港跑馬地山村道54號)
場地贊助: V54

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