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PYP - Burning Things PYP - 燃
PYP - Burning Things PYP - 燃
PYP - Burning Things PYP - 燃

PYP - Burning ThingsPYP - 燃

08/05/2023 - 28/05/2023

Chris Childs, Bus Film, 2022, 3’
Asmaa Jama, The Season of Burning Things, 2021, 9’
Tobi Onabolu, Dear Black Child, 2021, extract 5’12
Bo Choy, Exit for Chongqing, 2022, extract 5’
Ben Dawson, I express myself best in silence, 2022, 6’
Ronan Mackenzie, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, 2019, 4’

Hong Kong
Kitty Yeung, My Body As Her Vessel, 2022, 4’
Kwan Q Li, Infinite Replicas, 2021, extract 6’44
Phoenix Ngo Chun-Tse, Séance, 2023, 5’10
Samson Wong, Kingswin Oath, 2021, 3’
Thisby Cheng, UNII, 2022, 5’25
Tsui Hou Lam, our love is not destined, 2022, 3’21

Aled Simons, Legend Extension II, 2023, 7’35
Kit Griffiths, My Grave is Your Grave, 2022, 5’
Radha Patel, Finding Aarti, 2022, extract 4’32
Zillah Bowes, Allowed, 2021, 3’
Paul R Jones, Hyperobjectivity, 2022, 2’
Roanna Holmes-Fordsham, The Power of Gold and Blood, 2018, extract 3’

Pave Your Path – “Burning Things” online screening

Burning Things is a showcase of new moving image work by emerging artists from England, Wales and Hong Kong taking part in the ‘Pave Your Path’ programme co-organized by Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), g39 (Cardiff) and Videotage (Hong Kong) and supported by the British Council. The online screening takes place from 8 to 28 May 2023, showcasing one work a day.

Featuring work by a new generation of moving image artists, Burning Things captures the breadth and diversity of contemporary artists’ film across 18 exciting short films. Travelling through speculative futures, archival histories and animated worlds, the films featured in the programme draw upon dance, poetry and performance, using innovative approaches to new media technologies. With moments of solace, humour, joy and sadness, each film burns with a brief intensity, casting new light amidst the murk of uncertain times.

About Pave Your Path

Pave Your Path: Career-focused Workshops for Moving Image Artists is a UK/HK workshops and screening programme running from February to April 2023, with the aim of strengthening collaboration, knowledge sharing, and links between HK and UK artists. Co-organised by Film London and Videotage, the project strives to strategically support the next generation of moving image art practitioners, in particular emerging artists, who are working to build their careers in the art sector. Through sharing of knowledge by reputable industry professionals, the project will equip the artists with vital information and skills in fundraising, collaboration, contracts, copyright, green production, idea presentations, and curating. It will also help them to build international connections through a networking session and screenings.

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