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Both Sides Now 8 彼岸觀自在VIII

Both Sides Now 8彼岸觀自在VIII

19/06/2023 - 25/06/2023

Megan Watson, The Air in Cyberspace, 2022, 3:20 mins
Kit Griffiths, Dic Pic, 2019, 11:43 mins
P1nk Poodle, Queer Theory Saved My Life, 2023, 4:20 mins
Liao Jiaming, Repetition Maximum, 2021, 5 mins
Wang Jun-Jieh, Passion, 2017, 13:10 mins
Su Hui-Yu, The Glamorous Boys of Tang (1985, Chui Kang-Chien), 2018, 17 mins
Bassam Issa, A Paradise Out of a Common Field, 2020, 5:32 mins
Robert Yang, Zugzwang, 2022, 3 mins

Both Sides Now VIII: Queer Realities/Virtualities

Both Sides Now 8 explores both real and virtual Queer spaces, with moving image works by international artists and filmmakers, including Kit Griffiths, Bassam Issa, Liao Jiaming, P1nk Poodle, Su Hui-Yu, Wang Jun-Jieh, Megan Watson, Robert Yang.

Curated by videoclub and Videotage, Both Sides Now 8 brings together a collection of films that explore queerness from international perspectives, which resonate between the fantastical, material, theoretical and playful. Where artists are exploring real and virtual spaces, creating and queering reality and virtuality. Using videogames, CGI, post-digital performance, and film, artists have made work exploring desire, death, cyberspace, passion and exorcism.


Curators: Jamie Wyld, Isaac Leung

Assistant Curators: Moritz Cheung,  Myra Chan, Chung Wing Shan, John Chow

Programme Manager (Hong Kong): Angel Leung

*Kindly note that the programme may contain small amounts of nudity and might not be suitable for audiences under 18 years old.

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