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What Makes the Boat Float 水能載舟

What Makes the Boat Float水能載舟

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“In Maurilia the traveler is invited to visit the city and at the same time to examine some old postcards that show it as it used to be… If the traveler doesn’t wish to disappoint the inhabitants, he must be careful to contain his regret at the changes within definite limits: admitting that the magnificence and prosperity of the metropolis Maurilia, when compared to the old provincial Maurilia, cannot compensate for a certain lost grace. It is pointless to ask whether the new city is better or worse than the old one, since there is no connection between them, just as the old postcards do not depict Maurilia as it was, but a different city which, by chance, was called Maurilia, like this one.”

Italo Calvino, Cities and Memory 5 – Invisible Cities


What Makes the Boat Float is inspired by the morphing of identity of fast growing cities of south east Asia; specifically Macau SAR. (China)






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