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Oh, girl 噢,女孩
Oh, girl 噢,女孩
Oh, girl 噢,女孩

Oh, girl噢,女孩

Single-channel Video
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敘事與記事。 普遍現代性下可能的不同歡愉。以物記錄堆疊的普遍性自傳。現代社會性的物;現代物的社會性。

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Ting-Jung Chen (*Taiwan) uses sound installations, sculptures, and interventions as language.
Her art praxis which relates to historiography and cultural and political semiotics, focuses on collective memories, appropriation, and processes of empowerment. By reproducing artifacts of the culture industry, representation of ideology, and their relationship to human beings, the artist explores transformations of identity and draws the overlapping culture mingling into a spatial atlas.

Chen is the recipient of DAAD Artist Program 2023, MAK-Schindlers-Scholarship 2019, Visual Arts Scholarship 2020 from Federal Chancellery of Austria, the Judges Award of the Taipei Arts Awards 2015, and the Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2018. And she has been awarded various other fellowships and grants.

Her works have been shown in numerous venues internationally, including: Belvedere 21erHaus, Vienna; Kunsthalle Wien; Kunsthaus Hamburg; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts; Taipei Fine Art Museum; Digital Art Center, Taipei; Parallel Vienna; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles; 18 Street Art Center, Santa Monica, U.S.A. among many others.


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