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About VMAC



Since 2008, the VMAC has been a founding institution devoted to the preservation and expansion of a rich and diverse collection of video and media art in Hong Kong, with materials dating back to the later part of the 20th century.

Documenting cultural and social history

The Collection comprises of video frames, sound bites, pieces of programming code, moving images as well as books and ephemera relating to the media art, current affairs, and past social movements, providing documentary evidence and insight into the progression of art history and media over the past 30 years.

Serving diverging interests

This unique archive enables artists, students, researchers, historians, and most importantly, the general public to access, connect and understand the social currents that shaped contemporary art and cultural production in Hong Kong.

A dynamic and expanding collection

To promote accessibility and ease of use, VMAC provides a searchable online database with potential off-site locations. Continual exchange and collaborative programmes with peer organisations, both regional and international, will steer the VMAC in promoting the appreciation, understanding and creation of media art