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Virtual Bodies Online Micro Residency Virtual Bodies 網上微駐留計劃

Virtual Bodies Online Micro ResidencyVirtual Bodies 網上微駐留計劃

Artist Residency
05/09/2022 - 29/09/2022

As part of the Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022, BOM (UK) and Videotage hosted an intensive 5 day virtual residency for two artists (one based in the UK and one in Hong Kong) who are working in or inspired by game art. The chosen artists Ama Dogbe and Yarli Allison worked with the theme Virtual Bodies. This offered them a wide ranging and generous starting point to expand and develop work.

Ama and Yarli worked closely with BOM Head of Immersive Louise Latter and Videotage Curator Angel Leung who guided them through an intensive week of working, encouraging and supporting experimentation and development of ideas, rather than focusing on a final artistic output. Their work in progress can be viewed below. On Thursday 29th September they will participate in a discussion looking at the processes, ideas and discoveries made by both artists during the residency period.

作為2022年 Peer to Peer: UK/ HK 藝術節的一部份,是次計劃是BOM與錄映太奇的合辦項目,將於9月進行為期五天的虛擬藝術駐場計劃:兩位分別來自香港與英國,並以遊戲藝術為媒介或靈感的藝術家,會在期間進行交流、發展其創作項目。

駐留的五天期間,BOM策展人Louise Latter與錄映太奇策展人梁安琦為獲選藝術家Ama Dogb和林雅莉提供引導與協助。比起實質的藝術成品,我們更鼓勵與支持藝術家藉此機會嘗試於想法上實驗與發展。

駐留計劃於2022年Peer to Peer: UK/ HK藝術節研討會期間,在9月29日星期四以線上講座形式分享是次駐留計劃的經驗及成果。

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Ama Dogbe & Yarli Allison in conversation
Date: 29/09/2022 (Thur)
Time: 5-6 pm HKT/ 10-11 am UKT
Venue: zoom
Hosts: Louise Latter (BOM), Angel Leung (Videotage)

Ama Dogbe與林雅莉對談
時間:5-6 pm HKT/ 10-11 am UKT
主持:Louise Latter (BOM)、梁安琦 (錄映太奇)

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