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VAFA 2016 VAFA國際錄像節2016

VAFA 2016VAFA國際錄像節2016

Art Festival
Artist Talk
05/11/2016 - 30/11/2016

Organized by Art For All Society (AFA) and Orient Foundation, the opening ceremony of both “AFA Autumn Salon 2016” and “VAFA International Video Festival” will be held at 5:30 pm on November 5 (Saturday) in Casa Garden, Macao Delegation of Fundação Oriente. After the artwork selection by the jury, this time there will be 67 artworks of 32 Macau local artists presented in the exhibition. The participating artists are: Cai Guo Jie, Chan Ka Lok, Chan On Kei, Cheong Cheng Wa, Fan In Kuan, Fok Hoi Seng, Francisco Ricate, Ho Si Man, Ieong Man Pan, José Lázaro das Dores, Keong Wan Wai, Lai Sio Kit, Lao Sin Heng, Lee On Yee, Lee I Fan, Lei Ieng Iong, Leong Cheng I, Leong Chi Hou, Leong Wai Lap, Lin Bo Xiang, Ng Fong Chao, Ng Lai Seong, Sofia Bobone, Sou Leng Fong, Tang Kuok Hou, Todi Kong de Sousa, Wan Ieng Meng, Wong Ka Long, Wong Weng Io, Wu Hin Long, Yves Etienne Solonet and Zhang Ke. The 67 selected artworks are including oil painting, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, photography, porcelain and printmaking, etc. All participants are now working and living in Macau with different backgrounds. This year not only the young and potential artists, but also lots of artists who are playing a central role in Macau Contemporary Art scene have participated in the exhibition. It makes all the participating artists can learn from each other to achieve complementarity.

VAFA 2016 open call have received a total of 266 submissions by 136 artists or collectives from 42 countries and territories. The 8 finalists featured in the exhibition are:


  • Ariane Loze – “Les Colombes”, 13:50, Belgium, 2016

Four honorable mentions:

  1. Zihui Song – “What We Talk About When We Talk About Abortion”, 16:18, China, 2015
  2. Isabella Gresser – “Iris 2.0”, 2:00, Germany, 2015
  3. Mariana Rocha – “Death Diaries: Graceful Degradation”, 10:00, Brazil, 2016
  4. Lina Selander – “The Offspring resembles The Parent”, 13:44, Sweden, 2015

Three finalists:

  1. Fabian Heitzhausen – “Radical Chic”, 3:19, Germany, 2015
  2. Patrick Tschudi – “Instant Traveller”, 5:35, Peru, 2015
  3. Daz Disley and Fenia Kotsopoulou – “There’s No Limit To Your Love”, 4:00, UK/Greece, 2016

As part of the festival and following previous tradition VAFA also show a number of works as a screening program. This year 23 videos will be screened at Orient Foundation on November 20.

Irena Pascali – “Art & Craft”, 9:00, Macedonia/Germany, 2016

Chun-Yu Liu – “A Complete Story Between the Strait”, 12:46, Taiwan/UK, 2014

Arezou Zibaei – “Burried Alive”, 2:22, Iran, 2015

Minki Hong – “Noodle in the Rain”, 7:10, South Korea/USA, 2014

Francesca Lolli – “Just Want To Be a Woman”, 2:48, Italy, 2014

Sanaz Sohrabi – “Disposables”, 12:07, Iran/USA, 2015

Piotr Piasta – “Porun Stanislaw from Brudnow”, 4:00, Poland, 2014

Wang Li Chen – “Make Love”, 10:48, China, 2014

Ariane Loze – “Subordination”, 7:00, Belgium, 2015

Adrian Regnier Chavez – “La Fuga V.1”, 3:33, Mexico, 2015

Alejandro Fargosonini – “Succulenta”, 8:09, Greece/USA, 2015

Ben Huang – “Blowing Wind”, 1:49, China, 2016

Billy Sims –  “Tempo Rubato”, 3:03, USA, 2015

Duygu Nazli Akova – “Chaos In Cosmos”, 4:21, Turkey, 2014

Carlos Sena Caires – “Don’t You Dare Touch Me”, 4:02, Portugal, 2016

Florencia Levy – “Attachment”, 5:50, China/Argentina, 2016

Kit Lee – “Landscape_Sea01/02/03”, 2:23, Macau, 2016

Christin Bolewski – “Shizen?Natural”, 7:16, Germany, 2015

Haruka Mitani & Michael Lyons – “Blue Movement”, 3:45, Japan, 2016

Roland Wegerer – “The Skloib or The Hummerbichler”, 3:49, Austria, 2016

Sandrine Deumier – “Soft Butterfly”, 0:51, France, 2016

Thomas Kyhn – “History of Religion”, 5:22, Denmark, 2016

Loi Chon Pang – “Concrete Jungle”, 3:50, Macau, 2015

Same in the past, the awarded artworks of the 5th “Orient Foundation Art Award” have been selected, and the result will be announced in the opening ceremony of “AFA Autumn Salon 2016”, as well as the winner of “VAFA International Video Festival 2016”. The exhibition hall will separated into two sessions, the 1st floor will be the participating artworks of “AFA Autumn Salon 2016”, while the ground floor will be the awarded videos from “VAFA 2016”.

The winner of “Orient Foundation Art Award” will be given an opportunity to visit Portugal for one- month art exchange program. The winners in the past: Lai Sio Kit (2012), Eric Fok (2013), Lai Sut Wing(2014) and Yung Lai Jing (2015) had been to Portugal for visiting different museums and art institutions and met with Portuguese artists. They had also held their solo exhibitions in Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon.

AFA Macau and Orient Foundation has always been working on creating platforms for local and oversea artists, providing opportunities for them to interact and learn from each others. By inviting the guests and buyers to visit the exhibition, it offers a chance to the young artists for showing their artworks to the audience, as well as, to encourage their art creations.

“AFA Autumn Salon 2016” and “VAFA International Video Festival 2016” will take place at Casa Garden, Orient Foundation. The exhibition will open to public till 30 of November, 2016. The gallery is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm, while closing on Mondays. This event is partly sponsored by Secretariat of Social Affairs and Culture and Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR Government. For enquiries, please call (853) 2836 6064 during office hours or email to [email protected] .For more information please visit    

由全藝社及東方基金會合辦的「全藝社秋季沙龍2016」及「VAFA國際錄像節2016」開幕禮將於十一月五日(星期六)下午五時半假東方基金會址隆重舉行。本年的「秋季沙龍」公開向各界藝術愛好者徵件,反應跟往年一樣非常熱烈。在作品徵集期間的一個月內便已收到合共四十三份申請,作品數量多達一百三十五件(套)。至於今年的評審委員會,是由全藝社及東方基金會的代表組成,經過一連續的熱烈討論及篩選,最終評審們一致選出了六十七件包括油畫、水彩、繪畫、雕塑、攝影、陶瓷及版畫等作品,而參展藝術家分別有蔡國傑、陳嘉樂、陳安琦、蔣靜華、樊燕君、霍凱盛、Francisco Ricarte、何思敏、楊文彬、蘇侃哲、姜運威、黎小傑、劉善恆、李安怡、李綺芬、李映蓉、梁靖儀、梁子豪、梁偉立、林伯庠、吳方洲、吳麗嫦、Sofia Bobone、蘇凌葑、鄧國豪、江麗容、尹應明、黃家龍、黃詠瑤、胡顯龍、深力一夫及張可共三十二位。參展藝術家均為本地的藝術工作者,每位皆有著不同的背景及行業。而本年除了有許多新興具潛力的藝術家外,還有一些澳門藝術界的中堅分子參展,使藝術家在本次展覽能夠相互輝映、相得益彰。



  • Les Colombes,Ariane Loze,13’50’’,2016(比利時)


  1. What We Talk About When We Talk About Abortion,Zihui Song,16’18’’,2015(中國)
  2. Iris 2.0,Isabella Gresser,2:00,2015(德國)
  3. Death Diaries: Graceful Degradation,Mariana Rocha,10:00,2016(巴西)
  4. The Offspring resembles The Parent,Lina Selander,13:44,2015(瑞士)


  1. Radical Chic,Fabian Heitzhausen,3:19,2015(德國)
  2. Instant Traveller,Patrick Tschudi,5:35,2015(秘魯)
  3. There’s No Limit To Your Love,Daz Disley and Fenia Kotsopoulou,4:00,2016(英國/希臘)


Irena Pascali – “Art & Craft”, 9:00, 2016(馬其頓/德國)

Chun-Yu Liu – “A Complete Story Between the Strait”, 12:46, 2014(台灣/英國)

Arezou Zibaei – “Burried Alive”, 2:22, 2015(伊朗)

Minki Hong – “Noodle in the Rain”, 7:10, 2014(南韓/美國)

Francesca Lolli – “Just Want To Be a Woman”, 2:48, 2014(意大利)

Sanaz Sohrabi – “Disposables”, 12:07, 2015(伊朗/美國)

Piotr Piasta – “Porun Stanislaw from Brudnow”, 4:00, 2014(波蘭)

Wang Li Chen – “Make Love”, 10:48, 2014(中國)

Ariane Loze – “Subordination”, 7:00, Belgium, 2015(比利時)

Adrian Regnier Chavez – “La Fuga V.1”, 3:33, 2015(墨西哥)

Alejandro Fargosonini – “Succulenta”, 8:09, 2015(希臘/美國)

Ben Huang – “Blowing Wind”, 1:49, 2016(中國)

Billy Sims –  “Tempo Rubato”, 3:03, 2015(美國)

Duygu Nazli Akova – “Chaos In Cosmos”, 4:21, 2014(土耳其)

Carlos Sena Caires – “Don’t You Dare Touch Me”, 4:02, 2016(葡萄牙)

Florencia Levy – “Attachment”, 5:50, 2016(中國/阿根廷)

Kit Lee – “Landscape_Sea01/02/03”, 2:23, 2016(澳門)

Christin Bolewski – “Shizen?Natural”, 7:16, 2015(德國)

Haruka Mitani & Michael Lyons – “Blue Movement”, 3:45, 2016(日本)

Roland Wegerer – “The Skloib or The Hummerbichler”, 3:49, 2016(澳洲)

Sandrine Deumier – “Soft Butterfly”, 0:51, 2016(法國)

Thomas Kyhn – “History of Religion”, 5:22, 2016(丹麥)

Loi Chon Pang – “Concrete Jungle”, 3:50, 2015(澳門)




「全藝社秋季沙龍2016」及「VAFA國際錄像節2016」的展出地點為白鴿巢東方基金會,開放時間為上午十時至下午七時,逢星期一及公眾假期休息,展期至十一月三十日。 是次展覽獲澳門特別行政區政府社文化局部份經費贊助。查詢請於辦公時間內致電2836 6064,電郵:[email protected] 或瀏覽全藝社網頁

event details /

videoclub (UK) & Videotage (HK) – Both Sides Now: Final Frontiers

Date: November 19 (Saturday)

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Venue: Orient Foundation

“Both Sides Now III: Final Frontiers” endeavours to investigate personal experiences, global themes and fractures that need healing through cultural sharing and exchange. The artists in the programme who were born in the UK explore global cultures and are passionate about cultural communication. The Hong Kong programme includes work by diasporic Chinese and expatriates in Hong Kong and China, it aims to make visible fragments of experience and disrupt time, space and continuity. Final Frontiers attempts, through artists’ film and video, to redefine and close the spaces between us.

videoclub(英國)及錄映太奇(香港):彼岸觀自在III – 最後的邊境


時間:5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


《彼岸觀自在III – 最後的邊境》旨在探討個人經驗、全球議題,以至需要透過文化交流來修補的裂隙。節目的作品來自流散的華人,以及在香港和中國的外籍人士;令所經驗的片段、被中斷的時間、空間和持續性可見於眼前。最後的邊境嘗試通過藝術家的電影和錄像,重新定義和彌合我們之間的距離。在香港,自由放任學說仍然是一個神話。經濟能保護個人權利的假設,已被引證為錯誤。越來越多人意識到我們一直相信的事物並沒有實現 – 世界某些人對自由主義、民主和自由已經有新的理解。

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