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Upstairs.Downstairs- a dialogue with Hong Kong 樓上.樓下- 多媒體藝術展

Upstairs.Downstairs- a dialogue with Hong Kong樓上.樓下- 多媒體藝術展

02/02/2005 - 07/03/2005

2nd floor café, household cuisine, love hotel and upstairs bookshop – a unique character of Hong Kong culture
One cannot simply equate Hong Kong culture with either Confucian ideology or the British democratic principles. Hong Kong culture lies between the fulcrum of Chinese morality and the Western sense of freedom and independence. The city is the Asian window that opens to the world; it has a world-class financial system, with flexible mindset in responding to the fast-growing economic development of mainland. In regards to the limitation of space and high rent rate, it gives birth to the so-called ‘upstairs business culture’. Hence, you can find 2nd floor café, household cuisine, upstairs bookshop and pet shop; all these features become part of the unique characters of Hong Kong business culture.

Spaces and Culture | Public and Private
The unique business culture of Hong Kong encourages vertical expansion for business spaces. Public space is intruding into private residential spaces, and the boundary is disappearing.
Manipulation of the function of the space affects the right of use for personal reason or for business. These changes make difficulties in our legal system and become the argument of humanity. The rational use of space under the unique business culture in Hong Kong made us become concerned about notions of privacy and humanity. However, considering the reality and practicality, vertical expansion of business spaces brings us a shed of light under the competitive business environment.

Retrospection on international art and local art in Hong Kong
It was the very first time that Hong Kong took part in the Venice Biennale under the flag of China in 2001. However, Hong Kong showed an obscure attitude in making the decision in positioning oneself as either Hong Kong-China or simply Hong Kong. This question of cultural identity is also an important issue for many Hong Kong artists to resolve. Is Hong Kong an autonomous city? Or just a regional representative of China? In the notions of ‘Country and Region’, ‘Individual and Society’, and Public and Private, how Hong Kong artists would response to those questions of identity,’space’ and ‘art’?

Along with the curator, artists are invited to explore the Hong Kong local culture in relation to that particular social phenomenon.
Through their personal experiences and investigation ‘upstairs and downstairs’, artists would show us to the most truthful facets of lives that may long unnoticed in our daily life.



曖味的空閒文化 一失去的公共與私密界線


此展覽將邀請四個藝術團體及個人,就「樓上 • 樓下文化」的主題,探討香港內在且眞實的本土文化,它是隱晦的、異色的,卻眞眞實實存在我們周圍社會的現象,藉著藝術家深入各種實地的演繹,以自身身份與每日相處、知道卻不接近的人與及事物對話,揭開大多數香港人的生存面貌。

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Date: 4 February – 7 March 2005
Venue: Broadway Cinematheque/ kubrick