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Unnecessary Suspicions – Video Installation Exhibition 兒神疑鬼 – 錄像裝置展覽

Unnecessary Suspicions – Video Installation Exhibition兒神疑鬼 – 錄像裝置展覽

26/04/2014 - 11/05/2014

A Mystical Journey into the Myths of China

A Moment to Appreciate, to Query, and to Reflect

He held my hand, and told the myths that he had heard of.

Pointing to the space below the flyovers, he said the one without any clothes is the Red Boy.

The one in front of the stairway, carrying large and small bags, is Guan Yunxiang.

The one sitting at the roadside is his “Shi Gong”. We saluted him every time.

In the cabinet, there laid a mysterious book called “Traveling the Hell”, the Hell is known as a place where bad guys eventually settled in.

We are the Ho family. He turned the vase painted with the Eight Immortals, seeing He Xiangu, and told me gravely, “She is you.”

When I was four, I got a fever. He wrote some characters in red on a piece of yellow paper, burned it and mixed it with water, and let me drink it.

He always saw “Zhong Kui” catching the long-tongued ghosts. His family had a whooping-day dog, and three-eye Erlangshen is him — he is my father. My mother had just bought some peaches, and he was suddenly incarnated as the Monkey King, cutting them into pieces of red flesh; my home is the “Shui Lian Dong”.

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Hong Kong Team
– seemanho(Concept + Producer + Installation)
– Pun Tak Shu(Sound)
– Benny Woo(Computer Animation)
-Ringo Cheung(Computer Animation of  The Goddess of the Latrine)
– Andrew Tang (Photo-taking)

Date: 26/4/2014 – 11/5/2014
Time: 12nn – 7 pm
Opening: 26/4/2014, Sat, 3 pm
Venue: Videotage
(Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan)

Guided Tours:
3:30 – 4:30pm
26/4 & 3/5

Meet-the-artist Sessions:
1/5/2014       Pun Tak Shu
3/5/2014       seemanho
6/5/2014       Jacky Chung
10/5/2014     Benny Woo

Supported by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
The Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau,
the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
(For tour exhibition in Britain)

Venue sponsors
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival
The Center for Strategic Art And Agriculture

Supporting Organizations
Seeman Backyard
Everest Photography
Arumimihifumi appears by kind permission of
Skyhigh Creative Partners A Jockey Club Initiative For Innovative Minds

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