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DORKBOT HK - Launching Meeting

DORKBOT HK - Launching Meeting

Artist Talk

Dorkbot is an international network for ‘electricity lovers’ such as artists, inventors, scientists, engineers etc. to share and exchange ideas over anything related to electricity in an informal and friendly environment. Dorkbot welcomes strange, innovative ideas, and encourage people to get creative with technology, to experiment, to embrace a DIY mode and originality. Dorkbot stations were set up in over 84 cities around the world. For more information, please visit dorkbot’s headquarter website:

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Artist Talk of Techno(sexual) Bodies X Dorkbot-HK
Date: 1 April 2010
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Venue: Osage Soho
Speakers: Johnannes Grenzfurthner (Austria :: founder of monochrom & head ofArse Elektronika), Heather Kelley (USA/ CAN :: media artist and video game designer), Karen Marcelo (USA :: founder of dorkbot-sf), Bonni Rambatan (Indonesia :: artist and cultural theorist)