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Art Digital Video: An exhibition curated bu Laurence Dreyfus 藝術數碼錄像展覽

Art Digital Video: An exhibition curated bu Laurence Dreyfus藝術數碼錄像展覽

20/09/2003 - 04/10/2003

The travelling exhibition ART DIGITAL VIDEO brings together in a double DVD a selection of 32 digital kinematics sequences. The goal is to show how artists have pushed the limits of these new tools to present us with entirely new contents.
They are created using alternative means, with aesthetic, conceptual, abstract and critical approaches that make us forget the technique to transpose and immerse ourselves in universes that are rich in the imaginary, images, colors – and even a new idea – of digital art. These images are the direct heritage of brilliantly thought out experiences and inventions that have become historic references such as Georges Melies’ Le voyage dans la Lune (1902), Nam June Paik’s Les televiseurs preparees, William Kentridge’s Sleeping on Glass (1999).

Innovators and unclassifiable, these image inventors follow many different, polymorph ways: animated films, flash, net art, computer-generated images, digital images. This generation is entering the 21st century with an increasingly dominating role in interactive and electronic culture (music, graphics). Several realities confront one another and merge together, and we observe an appropriation of narrative figures in the form of interactive games or fictions that progressively depart from traditional videos.

「藝術數碼錄像」這個巡迴展覽,為大家帶來了收錄在一雙數碼錄像光碟中的三十二段電玩動畫錄像片段。展覽旨在展示藝術家如何充份發揮這種新的創作手段,為觀眾呈現了全新的內容。藝術家用另類的方式創作影象,這些方式包括美感的、概念的、抽象的、批判的………不一而足,產生了直承喬治米尼 (Georges M lies)、白南隼 (Nam June Paik)、威廉康德列治 (William Kentridge)等前輩作品風範的影象,令我們幾平忘卻了創作人所要轉移的技術,而只顧浸淫在一個充滿想像力和創意、聲色並茂的數碼藝術國度。

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Date: 20 September – 4 October 2003
Venue: Videotage